Monique Fei is a happy glamorous spinster. She likes endless nights of knitting. She wants to make it sexy. Monique has a knit fetish and she often fantasied being covered with yarns. She combines stitches and latex or biomaterial to recreate the feeling of bodies and skins with the threads. Using Fine Art techniques, her sculptural textiles are a sensorial experimentation above all. Sometimes, her latex pieces respond to the body heat to change colour. She builds her textiles layers by layers to imitate the construction of human skin. Through this overlaying process she obtains latex patterns, she weaves in the knitted stitches, she harden her threads and she constructs deconstructed modular garments. 

It is while living in Shanghai, China, that she discovered what will then become her ultimate craft : crochet. Monique spent two beautiful years in what seems to be a very fast and futuristic city. But to her, Shanghai was the exact opposite. It was a slow journey through crafts and tradition where she met a community of 

Ayis - elder active, independent and powerful women - who transmitted their passion for yarns, stitches and especially crochet. These two years has changed her life with a wave of a magic knitting wand.

Her theoretical background - she graduated from a dual bachelor degree in Art History and Law in 2016 - also has a strong impact on her practice. History and stories are essential to Monique. She is creating her own narratives and scenarios. Lost in time and spaces. She transforms traditional shapes and techniques to create pieces that interrogate their own material and making process. The process is, in this way, the story of the piece. It is the witness of a time. Through very strenuous and time consuming handmade technique she is giving back its status to the human hand. Indeed, Monique is letting time take its course to slowly hand craft one-of-a-kind pieces. 

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